Facilities & Equipment

All policies and procedures of the college represent fair, responsible, ethical practices and behaviors to ensure standards of excellence.
The college promotes creative actions that result in the expedient development of educational programs and workforce solutions for the communities we serve.
The college continuously strives to expand accessibility to the institution by increasing enrolment and enhancing educational offerings, campus facilities and fiscal & human resources.
The college is accountable for strategies and actions that produce measurable outcomes. Data-driven decision making is a standard in the planning process, with special emphasis on strategies that result in enhanced effectiveness.
Collins International College are located in the heart of Melbourne. Easily accessible by public transport and is just a few minutes’.
Buildings are situated close to main shopping centre, banks, doctors & dentists, food-courts, and libraries of Melbourne.
Students have internet access.
MS Office, Excel, Word and Powerpoint for assignments and presentations in the class.
Printer is available to the student for printing.
Data projectors are used to enhance the quality of Training.
Access to student lounge.
Climate control premises.
Friendly, approchable and qualified staff.
Colorful, vibrant and multicultural environment.
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