Collins International College
Collins International College
Learning is an integral part of our lives and is not only limited to educational institutes but pans across every aspect of our growing up. With so much to be discovered, we at Collins International College inspire students to look beyond just the books. We inspire students to achieve professional excellence and create beautiful memories at the same time.
While academic proficiency is irreplaceable, in this day and age its just not enough. To ensure our alumni have the competitive edge when out in the corporate world, we instil inquisitiveness so they can question everything and work towards making it better.
We advance quality standards through faculty, academic offerings and support services provided to students. This is evidenced in institutional practices, learning and administrative outcomes.
Learner Centered Approach
We maintain a strong commitment to all learners and their emerging needs, by fulfilling the academic and cultural needs of the region.
We promote a caring environment that is rooted in a participative governance structure. Mutual respect and trust are evidenced in collaborative work teams which cross over divisions, departments and programs.